Its collections are designed for style-conscious visionaries with a taste for contemporary flair, a sharp eye for evolving trends, and a hunger to explore and amplify their unique personality.

With an entrepreneurial history of almost 50 years in the selection of the best yarns and in the application of cutting-edge technological skills, it continually renews its offer, with an increasingly attentive focus on product design and sustainability.

All collections are designed and entirely manufactured in Italy. Gizeta Calze choose to invest in Made in Italy, strengthened by a unique textile tradition in the world.

The Company is one of the most representative players in Castel Goffredo Hosiery District, between the Provinces of Mantua and Brescia, which represents the 2nd world production center in the production of socks, after China, making 75% of the total Italian production, 60% of the European one and 30% of the world one.

Gizeta Calze is a strategic partner in private labels of the major European and international distribution chains. With these world fashion retailers, the Company has a consolidated industrial relationship, thanks to high investments in terms of research and development, sustainable evolution, high operational flexibility and maniacal attention to product quality.